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Ready-to-drink beverages are the perfect grab-and-go cocktails for many occasions.
Peruse our selection of ready-made cocktails
and start enjoying the great taste, the high quality ingredients and the convenient manner they offer.

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White rum with coconut

Arret Tropic has a nice rich, flavourful coconut taste too it.
The rum is very smooth and easy to drink.
With a refreshing, unforgettable flavor, it's like a drink with an ocean view.
A must for an added coconut burst to a Pina Colada or tropical cocktails.

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The Batida (ba-chee-dah) is a popular drink in Brazil.
Batidas can be blended or shaken and served over crushed ice.

This is a milky tropical ready to drink beverage which is quite refreshing and perfect for those who like sweet cocktails.
Coming in 3 most popular flavours, Caipirinha, Coconut and mango, Batida evokes the joy of hot summer days, sandy beaches and relaxing afternoons.


Superior exotic taste with Passion Fruit flavour
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What is RTD beverages ?

Ready to drink packaged beverages are those sold in a prepared form, ready for consumption.


One of the world’s most favorite mixed drinks, the piña colada, was born in Puerto Rico.
The name piña colada literally means "strained pineapple".
Different proportions of the core ingredients brinks two more excellent variations, Banana Colada and Strawberry Colada.

Feel the tropical summer in a ready to drink cocktail prepared with only high quality materials and a special taste.


Inspired from the true nature of the North, we’ve done the shaking and the blending to develop three magnificent ready-to-drink cocktails based on Vodka.